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Reliable tungsen carbide component supplier

Tungsten Carbide Hardmetal Inserts, Components and Wear Parts

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Tungsten Carbide Coimponents from Casmet

We're up to the challenge

Around the globe Casmet sintered tungsten carbide components are hard at work taking on the drill bit compacttough jobs in the oil and gas industry, mining, water well and geothermal drilling, the forest industry, agriculture, precision manufacturing and other applications. Casmet hardmetal components deliver exceptional performance under challenging conditions.

As a reliable source of precision manufactured, high quality tungsten carbide components, Casmet Supply has established a solid reputation for helping manufacturers meet or exceed their customers’ demands for dependable high-performance products.

We offer a full range of carbide grades and grain sizes in both Cobalt and nickel binders and can deliver carbide products in as-sintered or precision-ground form.

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Our Commitment

Precision tungsten carbide components
On-time delivery
Competitive prices
Assured quality control
Consistent quality and reliable supply
We stand behind every tungsten carbide component we supply

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