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Casmet tungsten-carbide products are designed and precision-manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure consistent grain size and delivery of the specified hardness, toughness, strength, abrasion resistance to meet your specifications in a wide range of applications.

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Custom Engineered Tungsten-Carbide Components

Sometimes a standard tungsten carbide component won't meet the requirements of a specific application or a customer needs an improved solution to a high wear problem. It is possible to combine high hardness with the necessary toughness to meet the performance specifications of a very wide range of applications. Each application requires precise analysis of the specific conditions, leading to selection of the best possible hardmetal grades and grain size for frictional wear and impact applications.

We Apply Expertise To Solve Wear problems

Casmet has developed extensive expertise in providing our customers with custom design assistance to either improve existing tungsten carbide components or develop innovative new components and applications. By integrating Casmet's carbide production knowledge with the customer's knowledge of their sector, we can produce carbide parts that work the first time. Our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) and metallurgical laboratory allow us to develop solutions to a wide range of wear problems.

Engineered carbide design drawing
Engineered carbide component
Casmet integrates our extensive expertise in tungsten carbide production with the customer's knowledge of their sector to produce innovative solutions.

A Full range of carbide product to meet your needs

We supply a full range of sintered carbide grades and grain sizes in both cobalt and nickel binders. Carbide products can be supplied in either the as-sintered or precision ground form.

Contact us today for a cost-effective custom engineered tungsten-carbide solution.