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General Characteristics

Tungsten carbide (WC) is a tough, extremely hard material with a high melting point (2870 °C, 5198 °F ), high hardness and strength, and good conductivity that is particularly suitable for high wear situations.

Industrial demand for increased productivity and reduced costs related to machinery and tool wear have led to the development and deployment of diverse applications of tungsten carbide components in a broad range of uses: for example, drill bits, tool faces and cutting edges, dies, saw tips, chipper blades, drills, and high technology industrial processes. On average, tungsten carbide provides an extended tool life 10 times longer than that of steels.

For more general information on tungsten carbide go to this Wikipedia article.

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Technical Information
Precison Manufactured for Maximum Performance

Casmet tungsten-carbide products are precision manufactured under stringent quality controls to ensure consistent grain size and delivery of the specified hardness, toughness, strength and abrasion resistance to meet the customer's specifications and deliver reliable performance under the toughest conditions.

Competitve Pricing Bolsters Your Bottom Line

Casmet supplies a wide range of tungsten-carbide components available at very competitive prices. Fine-grain structures increase wear life; coarser grades and those with higher cobalt content produce added edge strength.

Custom Engineered Components To Meet Your Specific Needs

Casmet Supply has extensive experience with designing and supplying tungsten-carbide parts in non-standard configurations and grades. Our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) and metallurgical laboratory allow us to provide customers with the right solution to their problem the first time.

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Our Material Safety Data Sheet is available in Adobe PDF format.
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